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Successful cooperation rests on two central pillars: trust and credibility.

Trust arises when people can rely on each other, when it is possible to act without fear, when people listen to each other and treat each other with respect.
Credibility arises when you lead by example, when words are followed by deeds, when you have clear goals, act decisively and tackle conflicts courageously.

At Projekt Philosophie, I have been helping companies, teams and business professionals to create an environment of trust and credibility since 1991.
Projekt Philosophie is thus a pioneer of philosophical, value-based consulting in Europe.

| Persuasive Argumentation
| Value-based leadership
| Intercultural Communication
| Conflict Management


If you want to successfully steer a company or a team through a dynamic environment, you need flexibility and a clear strategy, negotiating skills and empathy as well as the ability to persuade other people.

In my coaching sessions and seminars, I support you in further developing your persuasion and argumentation skills. You will learn to master all the important techniques of how to convince your stakeholders, customers, co-workers and bosses. You will be able to argue for your position systematically and with confidence, and you will know how to defend your interests in a fair and co-operative way.

Special Seminar

Tricked out:
How to unmask bogus arguments and protect yourself from manipulation

If you want to know how to elegantly protect yourself from manipulation, how not to be tricked and thrown off track, then this seminar is right for you! You will learn the most important fallacies and bogus arguments and develop robust protective methods against all psycho-tricks.

Value-based Leadership

A successful leader is characterized by three important qualities: he/she achieves outstanding results, he/she has a high level of acceptance among employees, and he/she has a clear value standpoint.
In my coaching sessions and workshops, I develop a path with you on how you can become this leader. This path does not offer any simple recipes or magic formulas. It is tailored to your busines situation, it requires critical thinking and a good amount of discipline. But it will help you become the leader you want to be.

Special Seminar

The Stoic Way of Leadership

The philosophy of the Stoics offers many valuable insights as well as tried and tested tools for the challenges of effective leadership. In this seminar, you will learn how to expand your ability to act as a leader, make the best use of your strengths, develop emotional robustness, manage conflicts and deal with adversity.


Today it is more important than ever to move effortlessly between cultures and to promote cultural diversity in teams. Projects usually don´t fail because the wrong tools were chosen, but because there are misunderstandings and difficulties in communication. The degree of difficulty increases exponentially when it involves communication with people from different cultures.
Knowing the most important tools of successful intercultural communication is therefore a key skill.

Together with my network partners, I conduct intercultural trainings and workshops.
I build specifically on my knowledge and experience of the cultures of East Asia (especially Japan and China). Here, too, the training approach is value-based.
In our seminars, you will learn what kind of cultural values underlie typical patterns of behaviour and how these values translate into classic business situations: Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving, Decision Making, the Role of Meetings, Presentations, Feedback, Argumentation, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Management Methods.

Special Seminar

How to work effectively with Japanese business partners

Cooperation with Japanese partners is often marked by misunderstandings and surprises. Particularly challenging are the attention of the Japanese to detail, a slow decision-making processes and complicated forms of communication.
In this seminar you will learn how to solve these puzzles and what to do in order to work successfully with Japanese business partners.

Conflict Management

Conflicts are inevitable. They arise because of incompatible interests, rigid points of view, personalities that are difficult to reconcile and structural errors in the system.
The problem is: conflicts consume time, energy and money. And very often people become ill. The only possible way out is professional conflict management.
For more than two decades I have been working as a conflict manager who supports conflict parties in reaching a peaceful, acceptable and reasonable solution.
Working on conflicts is no easy job for all people involved. And it is not always successful either. But if a conflict can be resolved, then conflict management is one of the most satisfying tasks of my work as a counsellor. Because nothing is more liberating for all people affected than a conflict that peacefully disappears.

Special Seminar

The Gordian Knot:
How to resolve conflicts

In this seminar you will learn about the dynamics of conflicts. You will be introduced to some important tools of conflict resolution. You will finally be able to go through the different stages of how to settle a conflict, you will know how to use appropriate communication methods, how to deal with negative emotions and how to move towards sustainable agreements.


Some consulting projects need several smart brains. I am glad that I can rely on a network of highly motivated and very experienced counsellors.

Solveig Grundler

Randolf Jessl

Alexander Bazhin

Takashi Kawatani


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About me

Dr. Thomas Wilhelm

After studying philosophy, logic and Chinese Studies in Munich, Halle and Beijing, I founded Projekt Philosophie together with Dr. Andreas Edmüller in 1991. We were thus among the pioneers of philosophical counselling.
In the last three decades I have accompanied more than 10,000 managers, team leaders and business professionals in seminars, workshops and coaching sessions. In the process, I have also written several books on various topics: Argumentation, Manipulation, Facilitation and Ethics.
Since working with students gives me great pleasure, I have teaching assignments at the Bavarian Academy of Nursing and at the International University of Applied Sciences SDI Munich on the topics of "Intercultural Coaching", "Communication" and "Digital Leadership".


Dr. Thomas Wilhelm
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